Vision Alliance: A Better Way to Practice

Partnership + Independence + Lifestyle

A New Way to Practice Independent Optometry

Optometrist Led Vision Care

You set the vision and outcome in terms of patient care. We handle the legwork behind it. Vision Alliance was created to support your independence as a Doctor of Optometry.

Vision Alliance Managed Business

We use our passion and expertise to focus on the business of optometry. We will build a productive team dedicated to patient care excellence. Not only will we assist in terms of hiring and training: Vision Alliance develops the culture and capability of your practice.

Revitalized Practice Success

Together we can enhance the lives of our patients, our employees, and our optometrists.

Welcome to Vision Alliance – Your New Partner

At Vision Alliance, we understand the importance of private practice optometry’s independence in providing patients the best outcomes possible.  Our model is designed to enhance your clinical independence while freeing you from the day-to-day drudgery of practice management.

Our aim is to empower your vision by supporting your independence as an optometric practitioner. You are responsible for maintaining what makes your practice exceptional, while we create and sustain resources for its exclusive success.

About Us

How Vision Alliance Builds Outstanding Practice Teams

Find and Develop Outstanding Talent

Our experts ensure you have superb staff creating a cohesive eyecare experience.

Train and Reward Operational Excellence

We pair proven strategies with custom systems to take your practice beyond incredible.

Implement More Efficient Administration

Regain the hours spent trying to improve your practice. Administration is what we do

Nurture a Fun, Productive Culture

A positive and productive culture will improve your practice profitability and make coming to work a pleasure.

Let Vision Alliance Help You Have a Rewarding Career
and a Better Lifestyle

How It Works

Splitting practice management into clinical and non-clinical sectors sounds complicated, but it’s simple with Vision Alliance. Find out how our partnership works.

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Employee & Business Support

You know that Vision Alliance handles all of the non-clinical management of your practice. But what exactly does that include? Find out how we support your practice.

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Exit Strategy

Vision Alliance is an ideal way to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. Find out how Vision Alliance could be your exit strategy.

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Benefits for OD’S

Is it easier to just sell your practice, or partner with Vision Alliance and let them do it for you? Find out how Vision Alliance can increase your profitability and more.

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