Maintain Medical Control Without the Administrative Duties

Very few practice owners enjoy the managerial side of ownership, but see it as a necessary evil if they’d like to keep medical autonomy.

Vision Alliance takes care of the non-clinical side of your practice, leaving your clinical control fully intact. Partnership with us allows you to focus on your patients’ eye health; we’ll focus on their experience.

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How Vision Alliance Supports Your Practice

Administration & Bookkeeping

We crunch the numbers for you. Everything from billing to payroll is under control with Vision Alliance. Whether it’s budgeting and orders or product pricing and contacting insurance providers, we can handle the financials.

Vision Alliance also covers all your practice’s administrative and management needs, including scheduling, appointment reminders, recall procedures, and all the systems to keep you organized. By taking care of the details, we empower you to really focus on your patients’ clinical needs.

The success of a practice depends heavily on the team behind it. Vision Alliance takes responsibility for all staffing and personnel needs. We centralize the hiring process, while including you and your current staff in the hiring decision, to make sure any new hires are the right culture fit.

We’ll also make sure your new staff receives standardized training in all relevant areas, including optical. A partnership with Vision Alliance means working with seasoned HR experts.

As part of our partnership, we offer training for all new and pre-existing staff. We’ll work with your practice to set the highest possible standard of patient care and satisfaction. Your dispensary staff will learn how to maximize sales to existing patients, and we’ll implement recall systems to prevent patients from slipping through the cracks.

Vision Alliance invests time and energy into your practice staff, encouraging them to grow both personally and professionally.

Efficiency depends on structure. By adding structure to your current processes, we can find solutions to improve the efficiency of your practice, saving time and money. Our multi-faceted approach will optimize and empower your optical staff. We’ll look for opportunities to increase your revenue while lowering expenses and improve your capture rate.

By introducing medical specialty services and sourcing a more unique product selection, we can add an element of exclusivity to your practice. As your partner, Vision Alliance will help you stand out from your competitors.