Why Do Practice Owners Need an Exit Strategy?

Owning a practice isn’t just a job or a business opportunity; it’s a lifestyle and a legacy. You’ve worked hard since the very beginning, purchasing or starting your practice, investing in the right technology, creating a dedicated optical team, building relationships with brand representatives, and most importantly, making a difference in the lives of your patients.

Start Your Exit Strategy Today

Making Space to Slow Down

Maybe you’re ready to retire from practice management, but you’d like to continue the practice of optometry. You could sell your practice and work for the new owners. But after having the autonomy of practice ownership, can you adjust to following someone else’s exam flow or schedule?

Letting Go Takes Time

Your practice has been a significant investment of time and energy to become what it is today. You can’t be expected to just sell it and walk away from it all. Major life changes take time, and leaving the practice you built is a significant change.

The Solution

Vision Alliance is your exit strategy. We take on the non-clinical elements of practice management so you can focus on the part that matters most to you; your patients. Partnership with Vision Alliance means you retain full medical autonomy for your practice.

Letting go of the administrative duties associated with practice ownership frees up some of your time to enjoy just practicing optometry for a while. Working with us creates a comfortable transition phase between owning and operating your practice, and selling it before enjoying your retirement.

Vision Alliance allows you to enjoy the next season of your career before taking the next step into retirement.